Fai Vaa - Tahitian Outrigger Canoes


Length over all: 7m 19cm

Beam: 39.5cm

Hull Weight: 12 kgs



Wood Iatos

Matching ama

Foot rest (custom fitted to paddler's height)


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The V1 - FAI 3X is currently the flagship model. This V1's responsiveness will impress any Va'a aficionado while ist Performance in any ocean conditions will make any paddler wonder why they paddled anything else before. This design is the result of months of testing and the collaboration of builders and Paddlers to achieve what is considered to be the best all Terrain V1 by many of the most talented Va'a Paddlers. The V1 - FAI 3X has been consistently winning V1 racing events all over the world.


This design takes the best from ist predecessors and brings it to the next Level. One of the main design Goals we set was to improve upwind Performance. The result is a lower cut and more streamlined deck fore and aft of the Cockpit to reduce drag (crucial during Sprints).


This Iteration of the FAI design is extremely fast and agile while providing great Control and stability in all conditions, from flat water to upwind and downwind heavy sea conditions. This V1 is truly an excellent all Terrain Tahitian outrigger canoe.


Recommended paddler size and weight

Paddler height: 1m 50cm up to 1m 95cm

Paddler weight: 50kgs up to 110kgs